(BellAtlantic):  www.Medical_cataloging_for_lease_by_township_person_adamo_uzcatequi-guymon_leasePrice:_Two_million_dollars_of_money_that_you_could_spend_in_New_Jersey._in_New_Jersey.for_four_years_of_lease_segment _of_time/allpaymentsForUseIsPaidTo136623037adamouzcategui california address/ for all translations for any langage call united nations translation services for all uzcategui-gaymon and uzcategui stuff writen on something. Es(k)camo_AdamoUzcategui136623037fromMaryland_born_in_NewJersey adamouzcategui-electrical_biological_amphetamine_UdotSdot_treasury_dotGov_cataloging_fromAdamoUzcatequi136623037  Adamo_Uzcatequi-is-a-technician-nonstop-136623037SoundPlay

it is not allowed(not within the laws of NORTH AMERICA)to SIR or to knight any( Uzcatequi (Guymon or Uzcategui-gaymon) like John F. Kennedy a past president of the United States, For all documents and written communication and communications for all ( Uzcatequi-guymon / Uzcategui / verbal or written use of any lanuage translation services of the United Nations Translation Services in New York State or New York City(This Medical Cataloging is the personal Treasure of Adamo Uzcatequi 136623037NJ( spelled by new jersey state " (Adamo Uzcategui-gaymon) " a United State Army G.E.D certified person. A Uzcatequi or uzcategui-gaymon can not be royle or knighted( use of the word sir or SUR when speaking to NAVY or about Guymon's / Uzcategui's / uzcategui-gaymon's ( is punishable by death ) Adamo Uzcatequi spelled by the state of new jersey Adamo Uzcategui-gaymon(Cataloging of (Electrical Biological Amphetamines) unlike chemical amphetamines electrical biological amphetamines is manufactured in the people brain from a differance of voltage potencial in the people brain, and is the only methode North America can use to stop Parkinsons lLLness . in or out of ANY governed system . Adamo Uzcategui-gaymon (a NON- American) is a QUIEsca^mo) from Maryland born in the state of New Jersey( Adamo Uzcategui-gaymon) spelled by the state of new jersey) ,has a professional career in science( in voltage retail lease items design and technology), " voltage items in the State of New Jersey are educated as Electronic devices" ( New Jersey). in 1997 this medical cataloging of all poeple ,The first cataloging of this kind by ( a QUI ( Esca^mo), Adamo Uzcatequi), in 1997 and present. . this medical cataloging of human (persons) medical condition cataloging is the first ever cataloging by a (QUI )escamo ) of the land location know as Maryland, there are only 8 Qui escamos on this earth ( Uzcatequi as property of the qui [Es(Kc)a^mo's]) Thank you State of New Jersey for allowing adamo uzcatequi (spelled in New Jersey "Adamo Uzcategui-gaymon" 136623037NJ ). A walrus. Or sea seal. Is a part of the human cataloging. Human is not people.

Adamo Uzcategui-guymon  use's  a Non-Bell Atlantic   communication system that is not twin pair wiring 

or TIP And RING technology.   manufactured  by OUR poet:  Adamo Uzcategui 136623037NJ .





unlike chemical amphetamines,  "electrical-biological-amphetamine "  is the result of a difference of voltage potential that is manufactured with-in the people brain..   This medical cataloging as-well as medical condition was cataloged by:     Adamo Uzcategui a voltage  technician / born in the state of New Jersey(136-62-3037) 

Adamo is the first Uzcatequi  to cataloge this medical condition.
Adamo  uses THE WORD HUMAn  as the word PEOPLE  .  
this medical cataloging is about people only adamo has no education
in human biology.

nightlife@cheerful.com mystic3@lycosemail.com

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fOR THE RELEASE AND (CONDITIONS OF USE) FOR ENTERTAINMENT,  Retail Product Sales ,ADVERTISING or MEDICAL CATALOGING "adamo   uzcategui 136623037NJ" needs to be )(not the gift (persons or retail supple of the web site, or retail product (remember as a retail product

adamo uzcategui (136-62-3037NJ  ) needs to be pressent at the time of military aquiring of this web site( from a

buyer, to use the cataloging as/for retail product.).







Adamo Uzcategui

email your interest in the paying two million dollars a year to adamo uzcatequi 136623037NJ for the use of this people medical condition cataloging , you will not be concider , if you do not have one month of emails conversations with adamo uzcategui and bank statements of moneys. Retail Price is Two Million Dollars for a two year of use time-line that money must be given to Adamo Uzcatequi SSN 136623037 befor the use of this Cataloging _ Call 206-333-1666 or email adamo@thetownshipsadamouzcatequihasseen.8m.net or nightlife@cheeful.com / anytime . I might not.

I might not ! , ( this cataloging , electrical biological amphetamine.  is the property of Adamo Uzcatequi 136623037 for adamo uzcatequi (spelled , adamo uzcategui-gaymon in New Jersey.

(Manufactured retail Medical condition Cataloging ; of all poeple and a example of a human is:  the  Sea Walrus  /  Oh ! )Manufactured for use call 206-333-1666 to pay the for use monies and to get a copy the for use glossary. adamo uzcategui(136623037NJ) to use electrical biological amphetamine cataloging/ Adamo Uzcategui 136623037NJ and the first cataloging by the Qui Escamos of it's kind).

befor it is used.....you must lease

the cataloging from Adamo Uzcategui 136623037.  call tim roberts at the phone number above.  

ask NASA  why..

electrical-biological-amphetamine is a cataloging of a human medical condition never cataloged befor in the united states cataloged by "our poet" Adamo Uzcategui (136-62-3037NJ) TXDL 20460093 (Texas , United States)call 504-353-2500

I HAVE NOT GIVEN ANY (Government (NATION) (PREMISSION -this is so FUCK UP ! i do not even know what this word  (Premission )means) why change the wording that i have ? TO use the cataloging of (electrical-biological-amphetamine.



ANY WERE ON PLANET EARTH. CALL  Tim Roberts / Adamo Uzcatequi  at  

NO Person is allow to have this medical cataloging of all persons/ at this movement in or on this planet.  NO PERSON ...  ONLY Adamo

Uzcatequi136623037NJ is allowed to use this cataloging . and adamo said that he is allow to test the website your reading . 


tHANK YOU , have fun !




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